Gone Too Soon - Memorial Fundraiser

Date: April 07, 2018
Time: 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM



We are raising funds and awareness for Mental Health and Addiction Initiatives in our communities.

We believe that by sharing our stories of personal tragedy following the loss of our children, we will help save another family/life from having to endure the pain we have.  Together we will make a difference.

After losing our son, Rory, to an accidental overdose on January 4, 2015, we decided to create "Gone too Soon" and work under Calgary Health Trust in hopes to raise awareness and funds to support Mental Health & Addiction initiatives. A cause that definitely requires our attention! We have a genuine interest in supporting our communities during this time that addiction/mental health have risen to a critical state. Your support is greatly appreciated and has a significant impact.

To date we have raised over $70,000! The funds have been used to:

- purchase a much needed blanket warmer at Renfrew Detox Centre;
- purchase equipment and funded the Drumming Program supported at Renfrew;
- helped create a much needed washroom in the waiting room of the Renfrew lobby;
- raised funds to help with the lunch program at Alpha House;
- recovered the pool table at Renfrew;
- added a much needed telephone at Renfrew.

You are helping to make these things possible, and we are hoping that through your continued support we can do even more!


RAFFLE EVENT: Gift Card Extravaganza - Tickets on sale now!!

Gone Too Soon is hosting a Gift Card raffle this month, with the draw taking place on April 7th.  Contact Sparla McCann to purchase tickets!

1.) First Prize Gift Card Package (Total Value: $4,335.00

2.) Second Prize Gift Card Package (Total Value: $2,160.00)

3.) Third Prize Gift Card Package (Total Value: $1,566.85)


For details on the different levels of prizes, click here!

For details on the Raffle and Draw, click here!


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