Calgary Health Trust

Gone Too Soon - Memorial Fundraiser

Date: September 14, 2019
Time: 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Location:The Hideout Pub


We are raising funds and awareness for Mental Health and Addiction Initiatives in our community.

We believe that by sharing our stories of personal tragedy following the loss of our children, we will help save another family/life from having to endure the pain that we have.  Together we will make a difference.

After we (the McCanns) lost our son, Rory, to an accidental overdose on January 4, 2015, we decided to create "Gone too Soon" and work under Calgary Health Trust in hopes to raise awareness and funds to support Mental Health & Addiction initiatives-a cause that definitely requires our attention! We have a genuine interest in supporting our communities during this time that addiction/mental health have risen to a critical state. Your support is greatly appreciated and has a significant impact.

Unfortunately, our community of those who are experiencing heartbreak and loss due to mental health and addictions continues to grow. The Gone Too Soon Fundraiser is now a community supported and ran by multiple families who have been affected by such loss.

To date we have raised over $96,000! The funds have been used to:

- purchase a much needed blanket warmer at Renfrew Detox Centre;
- purchase equipment and funded the Drumming Program supported at Renfrew;
- helped create a much needed washroom in the waiting room of the Renfrew lobby;
- raised funds to help with the lunch program at Alpha House;
- recovered the pool table at Renfrew;
- added a much needed telephone at Renfrew
- support many more mental health and addictions programming initiatives as directed by health care professionals through Adult Addiction Services, the Community Extension Team, Urgent Mental Health, and the Central Addiction and Mental Health Clinic.

Your support helps to make these things possible, and we are hoping that through your continued support we can do even more!

The 5th Annual Gone Too Soon Memorial Fundraiser is planned for September 14th, 2019.

Location: The Hideout Pub 

Time: 6PM - 10 PM

Tickets: $25 per person. Ticket purchase includes an appetizer buffet

Drink Tickets: Drink tickets will be available for purchase all night for $5.50 each (6 oz Red and White Wine, 12 oz Domestic Beer or regular highballs)

Entertainment: A Live band will be playing all evening, and there will be many opportunities to participate in various fundraising raffles!

** We are currently looking for items for our Raffle/ Auction. Please email if you are interested in donating in support of the 5th Annual Gone Too Soon Memorial Fundraiser! **

In Loving Memory of our Children:


Rory McCann

On January 4th, 2015, our family circle was broken and lives changed forever when our beloved son, brother, nephew and friend, Rory McCann, passed away from an accidental Fentanyl drug overdose at the age of 19. 

He had been battling addiction for a couple of years and despite all the love, support and help offered, he could not remain in sobriety. Fentanyl was not a drug he would have knowingly used but it was the one that took his life. Rory was an adventurous loving young man who was loved by many. He was a shining light in our lives and in those he met.  

In an effort to prevent other families from experiencing the overwhelming sense of loss and anguish we feel, we have committed to have something positive come out of this tragedy.

By sharing Rory's story this past year we have been able to put a face to, and focus on, the dangers of Fentanyl and the disease of addiction. We also see the need to address a drastic shortage of support services for addicts seeking help, such as access to detox facilities.

Any donation you or your company may be able to provide to this fundraiser would be graciously accepted. All proceeds from this event will go to the Calgary Health Trust where they will be directed to Addictions and Mental Health priorities in Calgary.

Thank you for your support, we greatly appreciate it, and together we will make a difference! Kindest regards,

Sparla, Kelly, Tasson, and Conor McCann

Davin Leiding
On January 15, 2018  our lives were forever changed with the death of our beloved Davin.   Davin was an amazing son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson and friend. He was a person who gave unconditional love to all.  He was so full of love and life it was infectious.  If there was something to celebrate he would be the first one there, he was the “Celebration King”. Davin died at the age of 31.  

He had so many dreams that will never be fulfilled. Anyone who knew Davin knew that what he wanted most in his life was a family of his own.  Unfortunately the lifestyle Davin became accustomed to would not only take away his dreams but his life as well. Addiction no matter what type it is: gambling, alcohol, or drugs, can be crippling.  It can control your life.  Before you know it you can’t get out, no matter how much you want to. The obstacles are so hard to overcome and somehow it just becomes easier to stay in that world.

Davin was ready to start making some changes before his passing and was in the process of  applying to attend an addiction program.  He was scared, nervous and overwhelmed taking this step,  as there was so much uncertainty about the future, but he wanted it bad.  The program required a review period for acceptance, so because he always believed he was invincible he partied more then usual, despite the reaching out of love and support from family. He chose to party to help him deal with the anxiety of the changes to come. And now his family and friends are left with so much sadness and grief.
We want to join the GONE TOO SOON fundraiser set up through the McCann family who lost their son in 2015.
Any donations you or your company provide will go to the Calgary Health Trust where it will be directed to Addictions and Mental Health priorities in Calgary.Maybe together we can change lives, even ONE life…it is worth it!
Thank you so much, with much appreciation from DAVIN along with his family:
Lorraine, Rob, Dan, DJ and Logan and all his extended family!




Quinn "QuinncyJ" Whittingham 
Quinn was born to Phoinyx Whittingham formerly Medeiros Arrenegado and Cory Whittingham September 11th, 1998.  He was a beautiful baby boy with soulful eyes and perfect in every way.

Quinn was predeceased by Auntie Claudia Whittingham, Uncle Ryan Callewaert, Grandfather Douglas Whittingham, Great Grandparents Bernice and Douglas Shaver, and Almorinda and Manuel Arrenegado.  Quinn is survived by his Mom and Dad, Brothers, Bryce and Chadd, Grandparents Pamela Whittingham, Jenny and Darryl Callewaert, Edward and Cheryl Arrenegado, Great Aunties Mary Nicol and Heather Speicher, Auntie Julie Ann Whittingham, Auntie Jodie and Uncle Rob Cook, Cousins, Kassandra, Micayla and Nickolas Cook, Auntie DeeDee and Cousin Jade Brooks, and many other beloved Aunties, Uncles and Cousins.

 Quinn was incredibly artistic and possessed a tremendous passion and talent for composing and performing hip hop and rap music.  He loved encouraging others to follow their dreams and walk their path with confidence.  Quinn loved to chill with his “Homies”, brothers or his beautiful girlfriend Freya.  If Quinn called you friend you were his “family” and he loved, defended and protected his family as passionately as we did him. 

 Quinn was athletic and embraced adrenaline filled activities right from the start, at 9 months Quinn climbed a stack of oversized books that were set up as an end table, he could not even walk yet, but he could climb and climb he did… with confidence and ease, to the terror of all witnessing.  Quinn loved football, running, climbing, jumping, parkour, trampoline, and especially dancing!  Quinn had a continuous beat playing in his head and he danced to it freely and proudly. Quinn not only marched to his own beat, he made it up as he went and we all enjoyed the show.  

 When it came to style he embraced his own; he loved Jordan’s, fresh jeans, fly shirts, and do not forget the bling!  Quinn had his own style,“Quinnify”… no matter what the occasion funky, independent fashion was just one of his many gifts.  Although Quinn followed no structured religion he was very spiritual and believed that “each of us is connected to every person and everything,” that we are divine spiritual beings living a human existence but that our spirits are here infinitely.  His curious spirit was often comedic and always fantastic to witness.

 We thank Quinn for graciously and passionately sharing the 19 years of his life with all of us.  He was deeply loved and will be forever missed by all who were blessed to have called him Son/Brother/Grandson/Nephew/Cousin/Boyfriend, or Friend. Thank you Son, thank you, for all the light and love your beautiful spirit gave to those, you generously shared your life with.

 Now that you're free and at peace, may you fully see your light, and the true gifts you gave to those who were blessed enough be apart of your life.  We hope you see the brilliance of your spirit… fly sweet boy, fly.  It has been our honour to love and care for and your free spirit… your unique way of doing things… a blessing only parents of such a precious soul can ever bear witness. Raising, knowing and loving you has been one of the three greatest success stories of our lives. 

 We “love you to infinity and beyond”.



Corbin DeRaaf

With heavy hearts we share with you the life of our beloved boy, Corbin John DeRaaf, who’s Gone Too Soon.  He was a son, brother, grandson, boyfriend, cousin, nephew, dog & cat dad and honorary uncle and friend to many.

Corbin was born June 7, 1995 and it is because of fentanyl that this blond hair, blue eyed boy is missing from our lives since November 27, 2018. He successfully battled this demon of addiction for 3 ½ years, before those demons returned to haunt him.

He was a loving, social, radiant, positive and very handsome young man.  In his short time here with us he was very adventures.  Any season was Corbin’s favorite as long as he was outdoors: skating, hockey, camping, snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, driving, swimming, wakeboarding, golfing, he even tried surfing in Nanaimo.  Corbin’s infectious smile and bright blue eyes could light up any room.  He was quick witted, sarcastic, and opinionated and would leave everyone laughing.  His enthusiastic demeanor and love for cars lead him to a short but successful career as a car salesman.  Another of his passion…. driving fast!

Now only we can focus on what we did have with Corbin’s short 23 years, as this disease of addiction has stripped his family and friends of being a part of this young man’s life, and what would have been!  Loved by many and missed deeply.

Corbin, your demons no longer have their grasp around you.  You are free!  You left us all with so amazing memories to cherish and for that we thank-you.  You will forever be in our hearts, and we will miss you so very dearly!!

In being part of this Gone Too Soon memorial fundraiser it helps us to be part of the solution and advocate for better mental health and addiction initiatives.