Calgary Health Trust

Clean Hands, Giving Hearts


The Clean Hands, Giving Hearts COVID-19 Response Fund has been set up by Calgary Health Trust to give you a fast, efficient way to support Calgary’s response to COVID-19.

You can make an online donation today to provide support for the doctors, nurses, front-line care providers and volunteers who are doing everything they can to keep Calgarians safe and healthy.

Your donation will support front-line health care workers,vulnerable populations, and will provide mental health support for the whole community during COVID-19.

Many Calgarians have been financially impacted by COVID-19.  We ask that you consider your situation, and if you are able to do so, please make a generous contribution to ensure every person in our community has access to the best care during this critical time.


Through the COVID-19 Response Fund, Calgary Health Trust is working alongside Alberta Health Services to determine the areas of greatest need in the community where your donation will have the biggest impact in supporting the growing health needs of Calgarians and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some projects currently funded through the Clean Hands, Giving Hearts Fund:


Supporting Front-Line Workers

  •        Hospitality Service: Our health teams and community volunteers are working more shifts and longer hours to keep us all healthy and safe.  Under the circumstances, we need to provide 2 meals a day for our volunteer teams to keep our hospitals and care facilities working smoothly.  This is not provided for except through your donations.  We think this is a great way for the community to do hospitality for the people who are risking their own health to take care of us.
  •        Front-line support initiatives: Alberta Health Services has a clear strategy and funding in place to ensure enough personal protective equipment and ventilators for all of our hospitals, clinics and Carewest facilities.  These are critically important items to the response to COVID-19, your gifts will be directed to support other initiatives that are directly impacted by COVID-19 and trust in our health care system to provide these items.

Supporting Vulnerable Populations

  •        Protecting our seniors and homeless: This has been identified as a critical area of need in protecting our vulnerable populations, such as seniors and the homeless, and prevent the spread of COVID-19. But there is an urgent need right now for personal protective equipment for vulnerable populations in places like homeless shelters.  Through your support, you are ensuring that people at places like the Drop-In Centre and Alpha House continue to be cared for and protected against the spread of COVID-19.

Supporting Mental Health in the Community

  •        Supporting the growing need: We are already feeling the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in our community, and we anticipate this to be a long-term issue that will need to continue to be addressed even after the crisis has come to an end.
  •        Messages of Hope: We are proud to be part of an initiative called “Text4Hope”, which is an automated service where you can receive daily positive messages to support mental health during vulnerability and isolation.  There is no cost and any Albertan can sign up by texting “COVID19HOPE” to 393939. 

Please visit our COVID-19 information page for more important links and to find up-to-date communication from Calgary Health Trust.