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The best care means treatment close to home


There is no cure for kidney disease.

Hemodialysis is a life-sustaining therapy for people, like Mary, whose kidneys have been extremely compromised. The average patient will spend 624 hours each year receiving dialysis treatments. That’s three days a week for four hours. 

In the North East community surrounding Peter Lougheed Centre, the patients requiring hemodialysis has increased by 49% since 2011. For patients, like Mary, having dialysis close to home means a higher quality of life.

Expanding the unit at Peter Lougheed Centre

We are raising $3 million to expand the unit at Peter Lougheed Centre to include nine more spaces and serve over 50 more patients.


Make a difference to patients who depend on hemodialysis treatments today!

Just days before starting Grade 12, Darius Ramrattan and a couple of friends headed to the mountains for a day of hiking. What was supposed to be a fun day quickly turned to tragedy. A rock slide triggered and Darius fell almost 30 metres down the mountain. He was severely injured and transferred to Foothills Medical Centre.

Luckily for Darius, he was in the right place. 

He received the highest level of trauma care and two years later is back to his normal life.

“We are forever grateful for the medical teams that worked on our son Darius,” say parents Julie and Narsh.

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