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Support Friends of Colonel Belcher Society

Honouring those who have sacrificed so much.

With Remembrance Day quickly approaching my thoughts have turned to the Veterans who sacrificed so much for our great country to provide us with the freedom we have today. Many Veterans in Calgary now live at Carewest Colonel Belcher.

Your donation is needed to help Veterans who served our nation and risked their own lives for our freedom.

More than half of the residents at Colonel Belcher live with some form of dementia. Freedom and independence for our residents is very important to us. Regardless of their dementia, most residents like to be free, independent and mobile but that freedom comes with risk.

However, there is new technology available to help. Real-time location systems that allow residents more freedom while letting health care staff to keep them safe and knowledgeable of their whereabouts.

This would be a tremendous help to residents like Frank. A World War II Veteran, Frank has early stage dementia and sometimes gets confused and disoriented. He feels trapped and restless when he is stuck inside all day and wants to be able to go outdoors. With this new system a GPS chip would be put in his shoe and he could visit the beautiful gardens surrounding Colonel Belcher independently and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. This new technology would allow health care workers to be aware of Frank’s location at anytime, thus allowing him to be out on his own.

We urgently need $20,000 to implement this system. I hope I can count on your generous support to make this happen.

You’ll give freedom back to Veterans like Frank, who fought so hard for ours.

Please take a moment to remember the many sacrifices that our Veterans have made for our country and make a donation today. Your gift will increase the safety, independence and most importantly freedom of our Veterans and for that we thank you.


Colonel Charles Hamel
Chair, Friends of Colonel Belcher Society