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Vets' Angels

Vets' AngelsIn the Fall of 1996, Father Alex Shahun, a Padre at the Colonel Belcher Veterans’ Care Centre, indicated that there were many war veterans who did not have family support, who had limited financial resources and were often unable to afford even the most basic of personal necessities which we all take for granted.

During November of that year, four Calgary businessmen, one of whom flew Lancasters during WWII, met to discuss the situation and decided to form Vets’ Angels. Their goal was to raise funds to provide support while addressing the physical, emotional and financial needs of the veterans on an individual basis. This ideology remains true to this day.

Community generosity has allowed Vets' Angels to provide monthly birthday parties, sponsor many in house programs and outings, along with preparing an extensive Christmas program. We run a Welcome program for new residents and subsidize the Okon pub. While not the focus for Vets’ Angels, we have also provided funds for equipment improvements and furnishings for the auditorium.

“We must never forget!” Please help by sending a contribution to Vets’ Angels so that we can continue to bring comfort and support to these men and women to whom we all owe so much.