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Childbirth is one of life’s greatest joys. Parents forever remember the exciting buildup, stressful delivery and the overwhelming emotions when their newborn child is placed in their arms for the very first time.

Nationally, 1 in 10 newborns require NICU care.

In Calgary, this number has risen above the national average to 1 in 8. 

Your support will help us lower that number. 

But in some cases, the miracle of birth can turn on a dime into a life and death struggle for baby and/or mom. While most deliveries are routine, one in eight infants require intensive neonatal care. That means of the more than 18,000 babies born in Calgary’s hospitals last year, over 2,000 needed immediate access to expert and dedicated medical staff and the state of the art technology required to create the best possible outcome.

Dozens of babies are born every day in Calgary’s four acute care hospitals. These babies, their mothers and the families excitedly waiting for the precious new arrival, deserve the best possible care. As Calgary’s population continues to grow our health system must be prepared for an ever increasing number of our tiniest, most vulnerable patients and their families. Our goal is to ensure that each child’s vital first moments of life set them down the right path for the healthiest possible future.

Our fundraising efforts are focusing on three priorities:

  1.      Developing World Class Care
  2.      Impacting Albertans And Their Families
  3.      Improving Quality Of Life

Our Priorities:

South Health Campus Emergency Pediatric Pod

The South Health Campus ED plays a crucial role in providing high quality emergency care for tens of thousands of Albertans every year. The addition of an Emergency Pediatric Pod will have an immediate effect for those accessing care at SHC. Plans for the Emergency Pediatric Pod include six private beds and two sub-waiting rooms. A six-bed pod will provide two more pediatric beds than the current space, helping to decrease wait times for pediatric patients and provide quicker access to their initial physician assessment. Furthermore, the four beds currently used for pediatric patients will be open to adult patients, helping to improve access and decrease wait times for all emergency patients at SHC.

Foothills Medical Centre Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Redevelopment

Foothills Medical Centre is home to Southern Alberta’s only in-born Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where the smallest and sickest babies are cared for. This unit will be completely redesigned and rebuilt to new, exacting standards, almost doubling its current capacity in the process. The new unit will be a centre of excellence for Calgary, Canada, and the world. The project will be completed in two phases. Phase one will be the construction of the 6th floor to be completed in approximately three years. Phase two will be the renovation of the current 5th floor and should be completed in approximately five years.

Southern Alberta Neonatal Transport Service (SANTS)

 Southern Alberta Neonatal Transport Services (SANTS) covers neonatal transports in Southern Alberta and as far North as Red Deer. The service is provided by a well-established model of using Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT) performing over 500 neonatal transports annually. Support is required to fund the ongoing training needs of the team, purchase of small pieces of equipment needed to continue to provide excellent clinical care on transport.
There is also a demand to support the needs of the community with outreach education on neonatal stabilization, current respiratory care strategies and sharing knowledge on other neonatal issues on an ongoing basis. The education and relationships supported through outreach education go a long way in improving patient care in the region.