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Champions for Health


Why become a monthly donor?

 When you make the decision to join Calgary Health Trust as a Champion for Health, you are adding to the collective ability of our city and its neighboring towns to care for its members.

Our vision is to transform healthcare for all who live, work and play in our city and its neighboring towns.

Transforming health care is no small task. It’s a mandate that will lead us well into the future and will touch the lives of people today and those who may not yet be born.

Make a small investment today and give support health care throughout Calgary!

Have you seen us in Calgary? We could be in your community! See where we are.

How monthly giving works:

When combined with similar gifts from hundreds and thousands of other caring Calgarians, your monthly donations are a powerful source of funding that positively impacts healthcare in our city and in Southern Alberta.

To join, simply click here, and we will take care of the rest.


What you can expect when you sign up:

When you sign up with the Calgary Health Trust as a Champion for Health Monthly donor, you will receive an email verification within a couple of days. Shortly after we will send you a welcome package in the mail detailing how you can manage your donations. 

You will also receive invitations to our Talk Health speaker series twice a year. The speaker series will give you a chance to hear healthcare experts discuss some of the most important healthcare topics impacting our society today. 

You will also receive a consolidated tax receipt at the beginning of the each year for the total amount of your monthly donations.

You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly support at any time by calling 403-943-0615.

Join us today and help transform healthcare in Calgary and Southern Alberta!