Calgary Health Trust

Aileen Wooldridge's Giving Story

Growing up in Trinidad, Aileen Wooldridge learned early on the importance of giving back to the community. Her mother, Lorna, was actively involved in their local community and focused much of her time on caring for disabled children. Her passion for giving back didn’t stop there. Lorna also spent time advocating and fundraising for heart health initiatives. When Aileen moved to Canada with her husband years later, she continued this philanthropic spirit by volunteering her time with local charities.

Aileen eventually became a busy mother of five and was unable to continue to give her time. Instead, she decided to show her support through annual donations to a few charities that were close to her heart, including Calgary Health Trust. For Aileen, giving back and helping others is part of who she is.

Today, Calgary Health Trust remains an important part of Aileen’s life. Her late husband spent a lot of time at Rockyview General Hospital. Aileen remains thankful for the love and care that her husband received during his treatments. To repay the hospital for everything they have done for her family, and to ensure that all members of her community will receive the same love and care during their time of need, Aileen has also decided to leave a portion of her estate to Calgary Health Trust. With her gift, Aileen will continue to give back to the community she cares so deeply for, for years to come.

Please consider joining Aileen in making a lasting impact on health care in our community by including a gift for Calgary Health Trust in your estate plans.

"It is my goal to help ensure that specialists are easily accessible and that health-related technology is available when it is needed most."

To find out more about leaving a legacy, please email Shahr Savizi, Planned Giving Officer or call 403-943-0620.