Vascular Health

VascularWe all understand the importance of blood flowing through our bodies - and when the vessels transporting blood become blocked there can be very serious consequences. From aneurysms to blood clots and ulcers, vascular disease can take many different forms. If not managed from the early onset, it can have devastating results.

Today, vascular diseases are the principle causes of death and disability in people with diabetes. Vascular conditions are also prevalent among seniors and, with the drastically increasing aging population, have become a major concern.

As a manager of a travel company in Inuvik, Ken Farwell found joy in the simple and social way of life of the people in the community. But like millions, Ken also faced Type 2 diabetes and when he began to go into renal failure, his medical needs required he come to Alberta for hands on care.

Like many with diabetes, Ken's developed vascular issues that ultimately resulted in an ulcer in his foot (PAD) requiring a bypass. After a discussion of a second bypass, Ken faced the hardest decision he had to make to date - he would opt to lose his leg to stop the progression of the disease.

Building New Roots for Vascular Surgery in Calgary

Vascular BrochureThose living with vascular disease require life-long care from a multidisciplinary team focused on specialized treatment methods to improve their health and prevent the progression of vascular and related conditions. A new strategy in patient care will look at the early disease process and proactively treat patients' risks and conditions. The vascular surgery team will work collaboratively to help patients' live healthier lifestyles, reducing their risk of vascular conditions which require surgery.  

With one of the largest programs in Canada, PLC sees more than 6400 vascular patients every year.
It is the primary referral centre for an estimated 2.5 million people in
Central and Southern Albertan, SE British Columbia and SW Saskatchewan.

Calgary will be one of two centres in Canada and the only centre in Western Canada offering this level of care and minimally invasive treatments; the only other centre is at Toronto General Hospital. The Vascular Surgical Services Unit at Peter Lougheed Centre will set the tone for the rest of Alberta and Canada to follow.

Help us revolutionize the health and well being of Albertans in vascular health. Be a part of this $33 million redevelopment project and Calgary Health Trust's $2.6 million contribution by donating to this project. For additional information on this priority, please email Sharon deBoer, Major Gifts Officer or call 403-943-0614.