Calgary Health Foundation is a philanthropic organization established in 1996 to unite donors, hospitals, healthcare providers and community partners with the ambitious aim of revolutionizing health outcomes.

Together, we continue to transform lives by establishing extraordinary health programs — early stroke intervention, a world-class urology clinic and brain institute, limb preservation and advanced trauma centres.

We have served the community for over 25 years, and, thanks to the generosity of our donors, Calgary Health Foundation has raised over $550 million for healthcare.

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Through collaboration, unrelenting persistence and a sharp focus on care, wellness and research, we are unyielding in our efforts to ensure our community receives the most progressive healthcare in the world — because our loved ones and yours deserve nothing less.

Together, we make breakthroughs possible.
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With your support, we’re dedicated to funding health projects that make breakthroughs possible for the thousands of people who rely on our health system every day. Our unique opportunity to work with all four Calgary adult acute care hospitals, numerous community health centres and programs, and 12 long-term care facilities gives us a 360 degree perspective on important health issues impacting our community. It’s why we’re focused on care, wellness and research.

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When faced with an urgent healthcare need, there is nothing more important. Healthcare providers are on the frontlines of our fight for the best possible outcomes in these life-changing moments – like they were for Maya’s family. By investing in new technologies, equipment and enhanced facilities, we help ensure frontline staff have the necessary tools to give all patients a fighting chance.

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Breakthrough Investments


Our health is pivotal to the things we enjoy most – time with family, enjoying the great outdoors, travel and meeting new friends. Our donors passionately believe that investments in wellness lead to a healthier community. When something feels like it could take you away from the people and things you love, like Yalda facing postpartum depression, let’s ensure support is available.

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Breakthrough Investments


Through research, we can change statistics and improve health outcomes for our community. As the incredible story of the McTavish family’s NICU experience demonstrates, every positive outcome is the direct result of countless hours of research. Together, we can work to support clinical research that directly addresses our community’s health issues.

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Calgary Health Foundation advances care, wellness and research where it’s needed most and where it’s needed next for Calgary’s four adult acute care hospitals, 14 Carewest facilities and a broad range of community health programs. We welcome donations for urgent needs and those designated for a specific purpose (provided the gift can be reasonably utilized). To assist with the Foundation’s operational costs, including activities such as gift processing, receipting, investment management, stewardship and granting, a fee of ten percent on all designated gifts will be allocated for administration.

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80% of Albertans depend on our health system each year. You can be part of someone’s life-changing healthcare story – and it’s never been easier.