Calgary Health Trust

Board of Directors

We greatly appreciate the support of our Board of Directors who advance our work with their time and talents and share in our commitment to health care excellence.


Calgary Health Trust Board of Directors


Calgary Health Trust benefits from the leadership and guidance of outstanding leaders in our community. We have benefited from their professional expertise, both on the Board and as members of various committees. Through their own philanthropy, they set the standard by which we measure the work we do. Their generous contributions of expertise, energy and guidance make it possible for Calgary Health Trust to maintain the highest standards.



Ann McCaig

 Mr. Bill Sembo  
Board Chair 

Mike Meldrum
President and CEO Calgary Health Trust

Mrs. M. Ann McCaig
Chair Emeritus


Ms. Lesley Conway
Vice Chair
Mr. Sandy Edmonstone
Vice Chair
Mr. David Routledge
Vice Chair
Mr. Gary Durbeniuk  Dr. Chris Eagle - MBA, MD, FRCPC   Mr. Bruce Edgelow Dr. Richard Hu
Brenda Hubband  Sarah   Cynthia Moore
Ms. Brenda Huband Ms. Sarah Kennedy   Ms. Cynthia Moore

Mr. Dan Silvester   
Chair -Finance and Audit

Mr. Roger Smith Mr. Greg Turnbull
Chair - Governance



Not Pictured:
Kirk Bailey
Nancy Calvin
Roger Chaffin
Rick Doman
Bev Higham-Linehan
Kathy Hnatiuk
Rob King
Dr. Sid Viner