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Calgary Health Trust in Your Neighbourhood

You may see Calgary Health Trust canvassers going house-to-house to inspire people to become Champions for Health monthly donors.

Calgary Health Trust in your neighbourhood

These monthly donors provide critical, unrestricted funding to create impact where it’s most needed now and where it’s needed next. Whether it is funding cutting-edge equipment for Calgary’s acute care hospitals or improving quality of life for patients, this is the best way for individuals to donate dependable funds to help purchase vital equipment and plan for long-term projects.

Calgary Health Trust is partnered with Global Faces Direct, Canada’s premiere leader in door to door fundraising. Our canvassers are compensated through an hourly wage with no commission. They receive comprehensive training, which allows them to speak on behalf of Calgary Health Trust about our mission and fundraising program.

Are we in your area? 

Calgary Health Trust canvassers are currently in the following neighbourhoods:

    • We are not actively soliciting door to door at this time. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Calgary Health Trust go door-to-door?

Door-to-door is a cost-effective way for the Calgary Health Trust to reach a new demographic of donors that we would not reach otherwise. By coming face to face with our prospective donors, our fundraisers are able to engage in rich dialogue about the impact philanthropy has in transforming health care for Calgarians. Our hope is that more Calgarians become aware of how they can help us grow and sustain our mission to save lives and make world class health care possible.

How can I be sure this fundraiser is legitimate?

Calgary Health Trust fundraisers should have a prominently displayed identification tag and have a good knowledge about the main priorities funded by the Calgary Health Trust.  Our fundraisers also carry a tablet to securely capture donor data - and are committed to only recruiting monthly donors. They do not ask for nor accept cash donations .

Are your fundraisers paid or volunteers?

Calgary Health Trust fundraisers are compensated hourly for their efforts. Calgary Health Trust adheres to the guidelines set out by Imagine Canada. To learn more about Imagine Canada please visit: 

Why does my donation have to be verified by phone?

This allows Calgary Health Trust to ensure greater accuracy and also verify the donor's intentions.

Why can I not make a cash or one time gift to the fundraiser?

For safety reasons we do not allow our fundraisers to accept or carry cash donations.  If you want to make a one-time gift you can do so by visiting our online donation page here.

Is my banking and credit card information safe?

Yes. All data that is captured is encrypted in real time and processed in a compliant environment according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  No data is stored on the tablet nor is it shared with anyone. This is a safe and accurate way to acquire credit card payment and reduce administrative costs, human error and eliminate data loss.

How do I increase, decrease or cancel my monthly donation

You can change your gift amount or cancel your monthly giving altogether at any time by calling 403-943-0615 or emailing